Hollywood , l’école de la vie (épisode 1/∞) : The monuments men

Tonight, while watching the aforementioned movie in its original version, I drew some conclusions about languages and the perception of nations toward one another. This is a bit ironic, but true in a way.

At he beginning a scene shows a French employee, her French colleague,  a German officer and his chief marshal Göring. The first two persons speak French as they plan on spitting in a glass of champagne, while the last two persons talk about stolen artworks in German. And then, when the French and the German interact, they speak… English with an American accent, which is completely logical, and contemporary. Wouldn’t I do the same today ? It is 2014, so, don’t panic.

I always hear that French people at really bad at foreign languages, and I believe it is true to an extent. Surprisingly, this film is reassuring. James Granger, the curator from New York, pretends to be fluent in French. Yet, most people he meets happen to express themselves fluently in English, whereas his french is so awkward that I hardly understand it.

So, there is no need to bother with foreign languages when you are an american tourist travelling abroad. In Hollywood movies, you feel like at home everywhere you go, don’t you ?

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